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Améliorer le présent construire le futur

 Développement du potentiel personnel et professionnel


Course Benefits

Presentations are the most effective way to make your point and sway your audience. They are often the key to winning a major contract, getting a promotion, galvanising a team to produce outstanding performance. Conversely, probably because of its very power and the stakes involved, presentations remain among the top three sources of stress and fear among executives and employees alike. This seminar will show the importance of understanding the subtle relationship existing between the speaker and the audience and teach how to use voice, body language and subject expertise to influence and convince with integrity. Finally, it will guide the would-be presenter through the different steps of planning, preparing, structuring, rehearsing and delivering simple, powerful and effective presentations.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Anyone who is involved in negotiations at any level and wishes to acquire the skills needed to reach lasting, mutually satisfying agreements.

Pedagogical Approach

This course is practical and immediately useful. Theory and models are reinforced by tools and techniques issued from NLP, Process Communication, Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Sciences to maximize their impact.
50% theory and 50% practice with exercises, role-plays, group work and video recording

Duration :

Tree days+ two one hour individual coaching session

Course Content

The presenter Toolbox
puce rouge Stress and stagefright management techniques
puce rouge Syntax and Grammar Survival Kit

Dangers and opportunities in presenting

The four Pillars of a powerful presentation:
puce rouge The Speaker
puce rouge The Audience
puce rouge The Rapport between Speaker and Audience
puce rouge The Presentation itself

The Speaker
This part of the seminar will concentrate on the external and internal resources useful and / or necessary to an effective presentation. It will give practical advice and provide hands-on exercises to reduce stress, fight stage fright and use body language and voice effectively to maximise impact.
puce rougeIntroducing Oneself
puce rouge Presenting with confidence
puce rouge Internal states, emotions, stress and stage fright
puce rouge Posture and body language
puce rouge The voice
puce rouge Congruence

The Audience
Knowing and understanding the audience, its needs and interests is essential to a successful presentation. This first part analyses the attendees from different angles take into account their expectations, understand their needs, detect signs of interest and agreement as well as boredom and frustration, but also to choose the language that best suits the audience.
puce rouge Personality types
puce rouge The six personality types of the Process Communication Model
puce rouge Roles and functions
puce rouge The language of presentation and the roles and functions of the members of the audience
puce rouge Representational Systems
puce rouge The language of presentation and the Representational Systems
puce rouge The Metaprograms
puce rouge The language of presentation and the Metaprograms

The Rapport between the Speaker and the Audience
This part of the seminar will concentrate on the tools and techniques crucial to establishing real, open communication, to create the conditions to get the feedback indispensable to all presenters and to all professional communicators committed to influencing with integrity.


puce rouge The environment
puce rouge Mirroring Pacing and Leading
puce rouge Other accessing clues
puce rouge Influencing with integrity
puce rouge The language of influence
puce rougeThe language of presentation and Rapport

The Presentation
This fourth part of the seminar examines the strategy, the tactical aspects, the structure and the linguistic points of a professional presentation.
puce rouge Planning your presentation
puce rouge Scenarios, building blocks and the desires pentagon
puce rouge Presentation Checklist
puce rouge Structuring your presentation

In Depth and Hands-on
puce rouge The Introduction
puce rouge The Main body – techniques
puce rouge The Conclusion
puce rouge The Questions and answers session

Five Minute Presentations
In this last, recapitulative and mainly hands-on part of the seminar we will deal with one of the biggest challenges and sources of stress: five minutes to convince, to make the impression that can mean a multimillion Euro contract and / or a promotion.


Questions and answers