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Améliorer le présent construire le futur

Charles Matthews

 Développement du potentiel personnel et professionnel


Course Benefits

puce rouge Structure your e-mails effectively, clearly and logically.
puce rouge Guide the readers smoothly through each step of the logical process to facilitate understanding and compliance.
puce rouge Organise information using short, high impact paragraphs.
puce rouge Ensure the clarity and focus of each message.
puce rouge Identify communication situations that are inappropriate for e-mail .
puce rouge Choose the wording suited du situation and readership.
puce rouge Ensure professional presentation.
puce rouge Follow e-mail etiquette and guidelines.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

puce rouge Anyone who sends emails to colleagues and contacts
puce rouge Teams that answer emails from customers

Pedagogical Approach

This course is practical and immediately useful. Theory and models are reinforced by tools and techniques issued from NLP, Process Communication, Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Sciences to maximize their impact.
50% theory and 50% practice with exercises, role-plays, group work.

Duration: Two days.


Course Content

Before writing your e-mail
puce rouge Know your readership
puce rouge Formal vs informal writing
puce rouge Netiquette
puce rouge Planning
puce rouge Keys to effective e-mail

Composing your e-mail
puce rouge Writing a good subject line
puce rouge Writing for impact
puce rouge Inform / Persuade

The Closing
puce rouge Call for action
puce rouge Signing off

Email answering strategies

Time saving Tips

Eliminating mechanical errors

Email and time management

Managing and organizing your e-mail

Summary and Conclusion

Questions and answers



The E-mail Writer Toolbox
puce rouge Email Glossary
puce rouge Acronyms
puce rouge Basic rules of punctuation
puce rouge Homophones
puce rouge French False friends
puce rouge Irregular verbs
puce rouge Verbs of reporting
puce rouge Uncountable nouns
puce rouge Plural only nouns
puce rouge Common phrasal verbs
puce rouge Adjective + preposition
puce rouge Do vs make
puce rouge Short words
puce rouge Common Business Idioms
puce rouge Discourse makers
puce rouge Common mistakes


Questions and answers